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You are INNOCENT until PROVEN Guilty.


Penny Wymyczak White handles all types of criminal defense matters including felonies, misdemeanors, and violations. If you are searching for a Houston Criminal Defense Attorney that will fight for you then look no further. Penny Wymyczak White is qualified and experienced in handling these matters in a competent and aggressive manner. She will fight for your rights and make sure that justice prevails.

If you are accused of a crime or violations, it is in your best interest to retain an attorney as quickly as possible. You need an experienced attorney willing to devote the time and effort necessary to resolve your case. Penny Wymyczak White can promise that your case will get her full attention at every stage of the proceeding.

What this means is that she will prepare a strategy for your defense using all the facts and circumstances available. If necessary, she will work with a private investigator and/or interview witnesses to uncover additional facts in your defense. Penny Wymyczak White will also look at the law and the procedure to make sure that she has exhausted all available avenues to help in your defense. With twenty-three years of experience in all manor of criminal defense cases, Penny Wymyczak White, Houston Criminal Defense Attorney at Law can help you.

There are two different ways a criminal case gets resolved. The most common way is to resolve the case through plea bargaining, This means communicating with the prosecutor regularly in order to negotiate a reduction or elimination of some of the charges against you. These discussions typically revolve around the case, the amount of evidence available for or against the charges brought, and also the defendant's overall status and criminal history. In the process, a qualified experienced attorney will also look for any technicalities that will result in the dismissal of evidence or dismissal of any and all charges.

If a resolution cannot be achieved through plea-bargaining, the case usually proceeds to trial where the issue of guilt of innocence is left to a Jury or Judge. While the decision to go to trial on a case shoulder never be taken lightly, there are times when it is absolutely necessary to go to trial. The decision is ultimately left to the client however an experienced trial proven Houston criminal attorney like Penny Wymyczak White can assist you in making this difficult decision. Penny has 23 years of experience in the Harris County, Galveston County, Fort Bend County, Montgomery County criminal courts system and she can expertly counsel and guide you so that you know all the consequences involved in your decision. Once its agreed that its in your best interest to go to trial, experienced Houston criminal defense attorney Penny Wymyczak White will use all resources to defend you at every stage of the trial. You are an integral part of your own defense and Penny will work to make sure you understand every stage of your defense so that you can make knowledgeable decision.

Throughout this whole process we stress to our clients that we work for you. If there is anything at all that is unclear or requires our attention, you as our client are always free to call and discuss the case. Our clients are encouraged to use us as a resource as much as possible: Penny often answers the office phone herself and she wants her clients to feel free to contact her with questions. She will strive to provide complete answers because as her client you are Penny's first priority. Penny firmly believes that you are innocent until proven guilty and she will make the prosecution work to secure the burden of proof against you.

All criminal defendants are "innocent until proven guilty," but we all know that the presumption of innocence is all but forgotten most of the time. In our media-saturated society, where people regularly read of watch TV news reports about criminal investigations and arrest, ordinary citizens form opinions about a person's guilt of innocence long before criminal charges are filed or a trial begins. Penny Wymyczak White will work diligently to ensure that you receive fair treatment from law enforcement, a fair trial, and all other rights guaranteed to you - including the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.


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