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Penny Wymyczak White
723 Main Street, Ste 808
Houston, Texas 77002

Telephone: (713) 225-5296
Email: : Pennywhitetx@aol.com

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There are lawyers for every conceivable legal problem. However, if you are facing criminal charges you need a criminal attorney that knows their way around the criminal justice system. Penny Wymyczak White has 23 years in criminal defense and knows the criminal justice system. Penny is a tough, smart, honest lawyer that will give it to your straight every time and fight aggressively to defend you.

Every good criminal attorney must be experienced in trial. Penny Wymyczalk White's objective is to fight aggressively, thoroughly, and to be on the offensive against any and all charges filed against you.

If you are not guilty the case should go to a jury trial. If you are guilty you should seek the best deal possible. If you are looking for a lawyer that will fight for your rights and make the prosecution work to prove your guilt, you needn't look any further. Just pick up the phone and let's get ready to get the job done.


1. 23 YEARS of EXPERIENCE. I've worked hundreds of criminal cases many of which have gone to the trial.

2. I'm not afraid to go to trial.

3. I have handled appeals in state court.

4. I have always practiced criminal defense as part of my practice.

5. I keep myself informed on the current to the day criminal case law and I am meticulous when preparing for trial.

6. Aggressive, cutting edge Criminal Defense Representations with constant focus on results.

7. I can be reached after hours at (281) 733-0264.

If or when you go to trial you want a tried and tested lawyer on your side. Don't trust you future to an inexperienced poorly qualified lawyer that will push you to plea. I will fight for you and together we will work towards your desired results.

HOUSTON Criminal Lawyer


I can also assist with the possible expunction of your criminal record of the filing of a petition for

non-disclosure of your criminal record. Call us now at (713) 225-5296 for a free initial consultation.


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